Your Dream Home Is Right Here

Posted by on Dec 16, 2016 in Demonetization | 1 comment

If you are looking to buy your own place, you are spoilt for choice especially in the Indian real estate market. While individual plots and villas are a coveted choice, group homes have fast become the preferred place to be. There are several advantages that group home schemes have over individual plots or houses. Group Housing provides for better equipped homes – in todays market, builders are offering homes with central air conditioning, vinyl tile floors, modular furnished kitchens fitted with appliances, etc to name a few. Building a house with these features would incur heavy costs for an individual. Thus, group homes give the buyers a cost advantage. Group Homes allow for better safety and security. Individual homes make for easy target for thefts while access to flats in group home societies is restricted which makes them more secure. Group homes work best for the elderly as they might find it hard to manage an individual home property on their own. The close vicinity of neighbours and better security options in group homes makes it a more viable option for those who do not like to live on their own. Better management of resources like water, electricity and better maintenance of the compound make group homes a more convinient option. Cleaning of the premises, maintenance of parks, internal roads and areas used by the residents is the responsibility of the builder and they charge a nominal fee for it. Some group housing societies are spread across several acres and they have various facilities such as shopping complexes, schools and even medical centers within their boundaries. This allows for easier access to residents who otherwise may have to make a trip, sometimes across town. With a slowdown in the market and the recent demonetization by the government, the real estate industry is poised for a correction. It is expected that property prices may go down by another 30% on an average. As things take a turn, the home buyer is sure to find the market in his or her favour. So if you are planning to go shopping for a home, check out the best deals in the market for group homes. Not only are they competitively priced, they provide greater benefits. With every transaction done cashless, you know that you are getting the best worth for your hard earned...

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