Our Range

Apartments- Ideal for small families, apartments are available in a wide range of societies. Since we have liaison with builders, we have complete information about the flats that are ready for possession, and help you strike a deal at the right time.

The apartments we offer have certain features like complete power backup, high security arrangements and community welfare services; thus, making adding comfort to your life. The demand for worthy apartments is high, because they are economical and the builders give significant percentage of discount on bulk bookings. Moreover, there can be nothing better than staying in the same society with your friends.

Independent floors- These are for people who desire to have an independent lifestyle, and a bigger space, without spending a fortune. Most homes we arrange for sale are three to four floors high, and groups prefer to purchase the entire building, with one family settling in a floor. These are tailor made for families of four or more people. The best part is that you can customize the homes after you buy them to suit your tastes and preferences.

Villa- This option is for buyers who wish to maintain a luxurious lifestyle. The villas and row houses that we present are tastefully built, with contemporary designs. With ample open space, separate driveway and multiple terraces, the villas are perfect for people with a big budget. When you approach Group Home Buy, you can select villas in a locality that matches your preferences.

It is hard not to get impressed by the range of homes that we deal in. No matter what the requirements of the buyer are we are in a situation to advise them suitably and then make sure that they get in touch with the right sellers and at the right prices.

Whatever the type of accommodation you choose, rest assured about the quality of the house. We do complete background check. Just email us your requirement, mentioning the type of house you need, and our service managers will call you with a list of suitable options.